Our Success Being In Business for over 15 Years

As we have been in the basement renovation business for over 15 years, you can be assured of a knowledgeable staff, and comfort knowing that your Renovation project is being completed with tried, tested, and true professionals. Within our 15 years, we have completed Renovation projects of various timelines, budgets, sizes, and features.



Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality reflects our hard work and dedication to you and your Renovation project! We hand choose the best materials and professionals to ensure your  project is top notch. Given our business commitment to never compromise quality of materials or service in any project we deliver, you can be assured that our pricing to you includes these very important aspects. Additionally, our pricing reflects the addition of more living space in your home. With this addition, it is more than likely that your increased property value will surprise you!



Our Reasonable Pricing

We have continually been complimented on our great pricing! One of the reasons we can offer affordable home renovations to our clients, is due to volume discounts we receive from supplies, of which our clients also benefit. This equals to Dealer Discount for you. Given our business commitment to never compromise quality of materials or service in any project we deliver, you can be assured that our pricing to you includes these very  important aspects. What does this mean for you? Getting 40-50% off on: high end toilets, flooring, ceramic tile,limestone, counter tops, saunas, vanities and much more! 



Our Dedicated Crew of Craftsmen

With over 15 crew members of various trades, with over 150 combined years of experience, you can be assured of extensive experience dealing with a variety of renovation project situations. Whether your project is 500 square feet, or 5000 square feet, our crew has proven experience in completing  projects of various sizes, in a variety of environments.



Our Project Timelines

Whether you would like your basement project completed in 2 or 4 weeks, be assured that our projects are completed on time. A reason we are able to do this, based on our dedicated crew of over 15 members of various trades. As your project is our priority, there will always be a crew member at your home, within the project timeline. – You never have to wonder “is someone coming to work on the project today?”.


Our Reputation

Our reputation is our business! Over 15 years, we have built a reliable brand, extensive referral network, and impressive list of satisfied customers. We would like to have your business, and look forward to working with you to create your dream basement! or anyother project

Given our extensive experience with basement projects, our commitments to quality and reasonable pricing, why choose someone else? We would be delighted to meet you, and earn your business. Please contact us for a free quote, and let us come and visit you at home.

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